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Within the Plantation Household : Black and White Women of the Old South


Antebellum southern women, like all others, lived in a discrete social system and political economy within which gender, class, and race relations shaped their lives and identities. Thus, even a preliminary sketch of the history of southern women…

William J. McNeill, "A Survey of Confederate Soldier Morale During Sherman's Campaign through Georgia and the Carolinas" (1971)

Georgia Historical.jpg

The men who composed the small remnants of Rebel commands brought together in an effort to stop Sherman's Savannah and Carolinas campaign realized the futility of their assignment; they knew that without help from other quarters Confederate…

William C. Harris, ''The Southern Unionist Critique of the Civil War'' (1985)


Missing from these historiographical studies are the views of Southern Unionists. Although containing elements of both contemporary Northern and Confederate interpretations, the Unionist critique of the war is unique, providing insights into the…

William A. Link, North Carolina (2009)

William A. Link’s book provided basic background information on North Carolina before the Civil War and secession. I used this book to gain general knowledge on the subject in order to figure out which way to direct my research.

Walter C. Hilderman III, "The Absolute Necessity, April - November 1862" (2005)


On April 16, 1862, Jefferson Davis signed America's first national compulsory military service law...The new law prevented the one-year volunteers from leaving the army for two more years and provided for the conscription of additional three-year…


Mountain Unionists are brutally murdered in the Shelton Laurell area of the NOrth Carolina Mountains. Among the victims was a 13 year old boy. The Unionists were accused of raiding a nearby town and stealing basic necessities as well as raiding a…

Timothy Huebner, The Southern Judicial Tradition (1999)


During and after the Civil War, Ruffin's championed the southern constitutional position. Believing strongly that the Constitution sanctioned slaveholders' rights as property holders, Ruffin turned away from support for the Union after the failure of…

Thomas Lanier Clingman: Fire Eater From the Carolina Mountains

Thomas Lanier Clingman was a unique man. Born and raised in western North Carolina, Clingman studied law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He later settled in the Ashville area where he bace a prominent politician. He strongly…

The Reconstruction of White Southern Womanhood 1865-1895


Although the imagery of belledom looms especially large in writings about the Antebellum South, the actual ideal for women even then had been much more complex and divided. Through the early part of the nineteenth century, the celebration of the…