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Michael Moore, Exhibit panel (2) in "Real to Reel," 2013


Gone with the Wind premiered at Loew's Grand Theatre in Atlanta on December 15, 1939. Two thousand guests were invited, including most of the main cast, southern dignitaries, and surviving Confederate soldiers. Leslie Howard returned to England at…

Michael Moore, Exhibit case (2) in "North Carolina and the Civil War," 2013

Weaponry displayed in “The Civil War in North Carolina” no doubt remained a proverbial crowd-pleaser, but did little to add to the interpretive efforts as expressed in text panels.

Michael Moore, Exhibit display in "North Carolina in Crisis," 2013

A life-size statue of a weeping widow in front of a graveyard sat at the conclusion of “North Carolina in Crisis.” While the power of such an object effectively conveyed the psychological toll of death and destruction in the wake of the war, its…

Michael Moore, Exhibit case in "Living Together," 2013

Exhibit displays such as this one in “Living Together” provided an important historical contextualization for the following exhibit, “North Carolina in Crisis.” By exploring provocative themes of violence, oppression, resistance, and…

North Carolina Museum of History Press Release, "Part Two of Civil War Exhibit Series Opens at NC Museum of History," November 11, 2012

Part Two of Civil War Exhibit Series Opens at NC Museum of History

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in North Carolina, the N.C. Museum of History in Raleigh is presenting a three-part exhibit series titled North Carolina…

Rachel Huffman, "Plagued by Misinterpretation," May 10, 2012

The Civil War has been so plagued by misinterpretation that it has made the period an arduous time to study for historians. The first and most obvious way is how the causes of the Civil War have changed depending on the interpreter. For example,…

Sean Hilliard, "The Confederate Flag," May 7, 2012

I have taken many classes in which the Civil War has either been briefly discussed or central to a class. Inevitably, when discussing the Civil War, the issues of the northern and southern pride make their respective appearances. One of the central…

Seth A. Frederiksen, "All Sides and All Stories Should be Taken into Account," April 29, 2012

It is tragic that the Civil War era is used to promote harmful divisions since it prevents us as a nation to gaining a full understanding of the war as it truly is: a complex, a layered crisis that involves much time and attention in order to gain a…

ROTC students view Civil War exhibit at NCSU, 1960

In this photograph, two Reserve Officers' Training Corps students view a Civil War exhibit at D. H. Hill Library at North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (now North Carolina State University) in 1960, roughly one hundred years…