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"The Secession Excitement; North Carolina Legislature," New York Times, December 20, 1860

RALEIGH, N.C., Thursday, Dec. 20.

The bill to arm the State passed its third reading in the House yesterday. An effort to take it up to-day failed.

The Assembly takes a recess till the 7th of January.

The Commissioners from Alabama and…

Diary of A Tar Heel Confederate Soldier, 1861-1865

October 14 - My corps of sharpshooters marched in front of the line. Left camp at 4 this morning, and at daylight, as General Ewell and staff rode up to us, there was a volley shot at us. We immediately deployed and after the enemy. We fought on a…

Diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, July 16, 1860


July 16, 1860 Finished making Blackberry wine. Made in all 28 ½ gal exclusive of one Demijohn which from being I suppose accidentally corked burst. I am told however that a Demijohn will burst even when uncorked if it is filled into the neck.…

Jacqueline Glass Campbell, When Sherman Marched North from the Sea (2003)

Campbell, When Sherman Marched North from the Sea.jpg

By integrating evidence from soldiers and civilians, black and white, at a moment when home front and battlefront merged, Sherman's March becomes a far more complex story-one that illuminated the importance of culture for determining the limits of…

George C. Rable, Confederate Republic (1994)

George Rable's book, Confederate Republic: A Revolution Against Politics, takes the Confederate political culture and assesses it in its "own right" instead of a Southern problematic characteristic. Rable takes an in-depth look at the underlying…

R.W. Reising, "Literary Depictions of Henry Berry Lowry: Mythic, Romantic, and Tragic" (1992)

Henry Berry Lowry is central to the culture of the Lumbee Indians, the largest body of Native Americans east of the Mississippi River. In virtually all studies of the tribe, the outlaw who mysteriously disappeared in 1872 garnerse laboratem ention.…

John Spencer Bassett, Antislavery Leaders of North Carolina (1898)


All the conditions of small farms, simple habits and democratic ideals which have been ascribed to this general region were emphatically attributable to that part of it which lay in North Carolina. The western part of this State, until the…

Katherine Giuffre, "First in Flight: Desertion as Politics in the North Carolina Confederate Army" (1997)


"In place of open mutiny, [powerless groups] prefer desertion...They make use of implicit understandings and informal networks...When such stratagems are abandoned in favor of more quixotic action, it is usually a sign of great desperation." Scott…

Letter of William Sherman to Hugh Kilpatrick, March 7, 1865

Rockingham Marker.jpg

HDQRS. Military Division of the Mississippi,
Camp on Fayetteville Road, Thirteen Miles from Cheraw,
In the Field, March 7, 1865.

General Kilpatrick,
Commanding Cavalry, Rockingham:

GENERAL: Yours of this date, 11 a.m., is just received. …

Henry Slocum, General Orders No. 8., March 7, 1865


No. 8.
Near Sneedsborough, N.C., March 7, 1865.
All officers and soldiers of this command are reminded that the State of North Caronia was one of the last States that passed the ordinance…