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Martha Hendley Poteet, Letter to Francis Marion Poteet (Jan. 7, 1864)

Poteet Primary source 3.png

My Dear husband I now seat my self to write you a few lines to let you know we are not well the children is sick with bad colds and I haint seen a well day since you left I have had a very bad head ache ever sens last Sunday but I do hope and pray…

Martha Hendley Poteet, Letter to Francis Marion Poteet (Jan. 21, 1864)

Poteet primary source 1.png

My Dear husband I recieved your kind letter last satturday and I was glad to hear that you was well I cant write we are all well we all hav bad colds I hav had a pain in my head three weeks and the baby is sick and I dont think it will live long but…

Martha Hendley Poteet, Letter to Francis Marion Poteet (Aug. 19, 1864)

Poteet Primary source 6.png

Dear husband I seat my self this evening to write you afew lines to let you know that we are all well at this time ever hoping this will Reach your kind hands and find you in good health I thought you would have sent me a letter by Louis Walker but…

Map of the Carolinas Campaign

This map is of the campaign trails for General Sherman's Carolinas Campaign in 1865. The illustration outlines the routes of both Confederate and Union armies. The image depicts the meeting point for all Union forces in Goldsboro.

Lt. Col. S. H. Walkup, "A Plea for Supplies" (1862)

A Plea for Supplies

A plea for supplies

Lt. Col. S. H. Walkup to Gov. Zebulon Vance, October 11, 1862, in the Governors Papers, North Carolina State Archives.

Camp Near Winchester Va. Octr 11th, 1862.

Govr. Z. B. Vance,

I lay before you for your…

Letter of William Sherman to Hugh Kilpatrick, March 7, 1865

Rockingham Marker.jpg

HDQRS. Military Division of the Mississippi,
Camp on Fayetteville Road, Thirteen Miles from Cheraw,
In the Field, March 7, 1865.

General Kilpatrick,
Commanding Cavalry, Rockingham:

GENERAL: Yours of this date, 11 a.m., is just received. …

Letter of Martha Hendley Poteet to Francis Marion Poteet, June 16, 1864


June the 16 1864Dear husband I cant get no person to cut my wheat the men says that they dont know what will be don with the wheat for there aint men to cut it and if I dont get Mine cut me and the children will be bound to suffer I would like for…

Letter from William Woods Holden to Honor. R.M. Pearson, July 26, 1870

Raleigh, July 26, 1870.

To the HON. R. M. PEARSON,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of N. C.:

"SIR: - I have had the hour to receive, by the hands of the Marshal of the Supreme Court, a copy of your opinion in the…

Letter from William Sherman to Ulysses Grant, March 12, 1865

Grant and Sherman.gif

HEADQUARTERS MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, IN THE FIELD, FAYETTVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, Sunday, March. 12, 1885. Lieutenant-General U. S. GRANT, commanding United States Army, City Point, Virginia. DEAR GENERAL: We reached this place…

Letter from William Sherman to Sutton et. al., April 4, 1865


HDQRS Mil. Division of the Mississippi,
In The Field
April 4, 1865
Goldsboro, N.C.

Messrs. Sutton and others,
Moseley Hall, N.C.

I cannot undertake to supply horses or to encourage peaceful industry in North Carolina until the…