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"Registration Scenes," September 28, 1867


REGISTRATION SCENES. We give on this page one of the scenes lately made familiar in the South—a registration, not an election, scene. The late slaves of the South have exhibited unusual interest in the work of registration, their first…

Josephus Daniels, 1862-1948

Josephus Daniels

Josephus Daniels (1862-1848) was the influential editor of the Raleigh News and Observer during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He used his newspaper, which he purchased in 1894, to promote the political agenda of the Democratic…

Norman Ethre Jennett, 1877-1970


Norman Jennett (1877-1970) was a political cartoonist who worked for the Raleigh News and Observer during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His cartoons reflected and supported the white supremacist agenda of the Democratic Party,…

"Cartoons Are For All," Raleigh News and Observer, June 14, 1900

Cartoons Are For All.jpg

In a speech in Lexington last Saturday, so we are informed, State Chairman Holton, of the Republican committee, paid his respects to the editor of the News and Observer, and said that he had to teach his Democratic subscribers by means of cartoons…

Marion Butler, 1863-1938


Marion Butler (1863-1938) served as the Chairman of the Populist Party in North Carolina during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as well as a United States Senator from 1895-1901. He helped to negotiate an alliance between the…

George H. White, 1852-1918

G H White.jpg

George H. White (1852-1918) was a Republican Congressman from the Second District of North Carolina and the only African-American Representative in Congress between 1898 and 1901. Before assuming this national office, White served as a State…

"As Fusionists Think it Will Be," Raleigh News and Observer, June 27, 1900

As Fusionists Think it Will Be.jpg

AS FUSIONISTS THINK IT WILL BE. "WHALE REGISTRARS AND POLL-HOLDERS." Incendiary Advice Given to Negroes by a Fusion Black and Tan Leader. State of North Carolina -- Wake County Charles T. Hester being duly sworn says that he had a conversation…

Untitled Cartoon, Raleigh News and Observer, July 8, 1900

Registrar Cartoon July 8.jpg

This is the situation that we would have if the incendiary advice that Knight of Wake, Gill of Vance, McNeill of Wilkes, and other Fusion leaders are giving, should be followed by the Negroes.

"The Winston Situation," Raleigh News and Observer, July 13, 1900

The Winston Situation.jpg

The Winston Situation Holton & Co., has a Democratic Registrar arrested by a Federal Deputy Marshal because he will not register negro boys.