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Diary of James Rumley, June 5, 1865

Diary of James Rumley.jpg

The first time since the commencement of the late war, negro troops have been sent here to garrison the town. The sight of them is most revolting to southerners, Their presence here is deeply humiliating to the citizens, who bear it however as best…

The North Carolina Whig, Proclamation on Northern Blacks, November 18, 1862

Specific -- proclamation on nothern slaves 1862-11-18.jpg

A negro proposes that President Davis should-retaliate upon Lincoln’s proclamation, by declaring all the Northern negroes slaves after the first of January next.

Colonel Lewis D. Warner, "To Sneedsboro" (March 4, 1865)

I hope a better spirit will prevail. North Carolina has shown considerable Union sentiment during the war and I believe a proper course by our would cause the slumbering fire to burst into a flame, which could not be quenched.