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Petition of Joseph Etheridge

JosephEtheridgePage 3.jpg
Joseph Etheridge's petition to the Southern Claims Commission, listing what he claims was taken by Union foraging parties and his valuation of those goods. His claim was rejected for several reasons, including his ownership of several farms and…

Richard L. Zuber, North Carolina During Reconstruction (1969)

Just before Christmas, 1870, the House of Representatives drew up eight charges against the governor. The first two charges were that he had acted unlawfully by raising troops and sending them into Caswell and Alamance counties when there was no…


Robert G. Mitchell's claim Witness Form

Page 5.jpg
Page Five of Robert G. Mitchell's rejected claim to the Southern Claim's Commission. This page is the form listing the names and residences of the witnesses he can bring to prove his loyalty.

Southern Claims Commission Chart 2 Barred and Disallowed

A chart showing all of the barred and disallowed claims for the Chowan River Basin.

Southern Claims Commission remarks on the claim of Ellerton Newberne.

Page 3.jpg
Claim of Ellerton Newberne, listing his siezed schooner, impressed into rebel service to ferry supplies. It also discusses his leaving Bertie county due to harassment.

Southern Claims Commission Testimony for George Bond, Deposition of Joshua T. Stacy

Page 18.jpg
Page 18 of George Bond's claim to the Southern Claims Comission, in which Joshua T. Stacy discusses Mr. Bond's unionism.

Testimony of Albert Murray in Holden's Impeachment, 1871

Testimony of Albert Murray.pdf
The testimony of Albert Murray, the sheriff of Alamance County, offers specific insight to the knowledge the sheriff had regarding the Ku Klux Klan and the hanging of Wyatt Outlaw. Sheriff Murray reveals that he was in fact a member of the White…


Testimony of Jesse Gant in Holden's impeachment trial, 1871

Jesse Gant was a political figure for forty years in both the counties of Alamance and Orange, North Carolina. The Board of Managers attempted to examine many respectable and well known men from the counties in question during the trial, and Mr. Gant…


Testimony of William J. Murray in Holden's Impeachment Trial, 1871

William J. Murray was called upon by the Board of Managers in the prosecution of Gov. Holden regarding any matters of insurrection in Alamance County. William J. Murray was brother of Albert Murray, the sheriff and William himself served as deputy…