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Edward W. Clay, "An Amalgamation Waltz", n.d

This cartoon plays on the fear that Whites had towards African Americans. As pictured, free African Americans are dancing with white women, replacing the white male populace. Targeted at Southerners, many feared the abolition of slavery and its…

John Tenniel, "The Black Conscription", September 26, 1863


- Bress my heart how am you Jim?
- Dat you Jumbo? yeah, yeah!

- "When black meets black then comes the end(?) of War."


"Who are the Nigger Worshipers", Harper's Weekly, October 18, 1862

Nigger Worshipers.jpg
Published in Harper’s Weekly on the 18th of October, this cartoon referred to the saying of “the rich man’s war and the poor man’s fight”. The cartoon criticized the wealthy slave owners who put more value in their slaves than their…


Diary of James Rumley, August 4, 1863

Diary of James Rumley.jpg

... The negroes are celebrating the day, in the African Church, with all the enthusiasm which such an occasion is calculated to inspire among the deluded and excited race. With hymns of praise to God are mingled prayers for the success of the "Union…

Diary of James Rumley, March 25, 1863

Diary of James Rumley.jpg

...This is the reign of “niggerism.” The scoundrels in authority here know very well that the African race is the only one whose loyalty they can trust, as their negro-stealing government has forfeited all claim to the loyalty of any decent white…

Diary of James Rumley, March 25, 1864

Diary of James Rumley.jpg

This is the second anniversary of the advent of the Federal army into Beaufort; and we enter today into the third year of the reign of niggerism. The whole period has been a season of profound political and social darkness, a long dreary night of…

Diary of James Rumley, January 1, 1863

Diary of James Rumley.jpg

Many reflecting minds have for several months past looked forward to this day with deep concern, on account of the slave population in our midst. They could hardly believe that so remarkable an epoch could arrive without producing some commotion…

Diary of James Rumley, December 1, 1863

Diary of James Rumley.jpg

... If the State of North Carolina had set their negroes free and established schools for their instruction, they would have looked upon white population of the state as their benefactors, and the two races might have lived together on the same soil,…

Diary of James Rumley, June 5, 1865

Diary of James Rumley.jpg

The first time since the commencement of the late war, negro troops have been sent here to garrison the town. The sight of them is most revolting to southerners, Their presence here is deeply humiliating to the citizens, who bear it however as best…

The North Carolina Whig, Proclamation on Northern Blacks, November 18, 1862

Specific -- proclamation on nothern slaves 1862-11-18.jpg

A negro proposes that President Davis should-retaliate upon Lincoln’s proclamation, by declaring all the Northern negroes slaves after the first of January next.