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Wartime North Carolina


Learn about the Civil War in North Carolina from the people who witnessed it. This collection contains primary sources, mostly documents and still images, related to the Civil War in North Carolina on topics like occupation, camp life, battles and skirmishes, and the homefront. Historical actors in wartime North Carolina authored these primary sources. Students in history classes at North Carolina State University and other contributors made the primary sources available online.

"An Arrest by the Rebels-The Contraband Troops-Re-enlistment of Veterans- items from the North Carolina Press," <em>New York Times,</em> January 13, 1864

From North Carolina.

An Arrest by the Rebels-The Contraband Troops- Re-enlistment of Veterans- items from the North Carolina Press.

Newbern, NC. Jan 7

The Second regiment of North Carolina Union volunteers is rapidly organizing. Its…

After discharging our cargo of cotton and loading with supplies for the Confederate Government, chiefly for the army of Northern Virginia, we sailed for Wilmington in the latter part of the month of March. Our return voyage was uneventful, until we…

"Wilmington. The Attack on Fort Fisher," <em>New York Times</em>, December 30, 1864<br />

WASHINGTON, Thursday, Dec. 29. The Secretary of the Navy received this afternoon the following by special messenger: NORTH ATLANTIC SQUADRON, U.S. FLAG SHIP MALVERN, AT SEA, OFF NEW INLET, Monday, Dec. 26, 1864. SIR: I was in hopes that I should…