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Featured Postwar North Carolina Exhibits

Exhibits draw upon arguments and evidence from secondary sources to interpret primary sources from the collections of primary sources from postwar North Carolina. Students in history classes at North Carolina State University authored the exhibits.

"A White Man's State": White Supremacy, "Negro Domination," and the Political Debate over Disfranchisement, 1898-1901

Laws and Resolutions of the State of North Carolina General Assembly 1900.PNG

In August of 1900, the voters of North Carolina ratified an amendment to the state constitution designed to disfranchise thousands...

A Second Redemption: The Democratic White Supremacy Campaign and Disfranchisement in North Carolina, 1898-1901

In the context of the Civil War and Reconstruction, it is often thought the white Southern Democrats, known as the...

The Soldier’s Burden: A Study of North Carolina Confederate Officers’ Requests for Amnesty


Throughout Civil War and Reconstruction historiography, little can be found about presidential amnesty. Existing scholarship tends to focus on the...

The War Within: Interpreting the Civil War in the North Carolina Museum of History


This exhibit explores "the war within" at the sesquicentennial moment in North Carolina, arguing that the Civil War exhibits in...