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Southern Claim of John Horton, April 1876


Southern Claim of John Horton, April 1876


The Southern Claim made by John Horton of Watauga County, was made in April 1876. Within his claim, he states that he did not vote for secession and that he did not support the confederacy. Horton was 62 at the time of the claim and his main occupation was farming. He claimed that he gave quite a bit of items and resources to the Union Army when they were stationed in Boone, NC. Some of those items include: a horse, saddles, a house, and crops. David Norris testified in favor of Horton’s loyalty, in which he recounted Horton’s immense opposition to his son, James W. Horton, entering the Confederate Army.


United States Government


John Horton, Southern Claims Commission Approved Claims, 1871- 1880, April 1876.




Haslam, Miranda




Watauga County, North Carolina
North Carolina

Original Format

Government Document


My Sympathies were on the side of the Union at the beginning and close of the war.
During the war, I fed and protected union men who were deserting from the rebel army and going through the hills to join the union army.
I took the side of the Union and voted against secession and talked and used my influence in every way that I could.


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