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Rose O'Neal Greenhow


Rose O'Neal Greenhow


Many women played a prominent strategic role in the Civil War, and some lost their lives for their cause. Rose O’Neal Greenhow served as a spy and ambassador for the Confederacy. Greenhow was arrested in 1862 for espionage and exiled from Washington, D.C. to the South. She soon traveled to Europe campaigning for international recognition and support for the Confederate government. In 1864 Greenhow tried to return to the South through Wilmington, but her ship was grounded offshore. She attempted to escape on a rowboat fearing another Union arrest, but the small boat failed in the ocean waters and Greenhow drowned. (UNC School of Education, “Rose O’Neal Greenhow, Confederate spy”)


UNC School of Education. “Rose O’Neal Greenhow, Confederate spy.” Learn NC: North Carolina Digital History. (Accessed November 20, 2012).


Jessica Cochran


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