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(Niall) Andrew Hammond


(Niall) Andrew Hammond


When I attended Gaithersburg High School, I began the process of deciding what I wanted to study. During my junior year, I took an AP US History course with my teacher, Joseph Sangillo, which began my interest in US history. In this class, we had an ongoing joke that if you did not know the answer, but knew the question referenced the antebellum period, the answer was probably Henry Clay, due to the numerous things Henry Clay did in his decades of service in the US government. Two years later, I found a Henry Clay biography, which furthered my interest in US History, but also the antebellum period. I also learned more about Clay and his beliefs as a Whig, including a more in depth look at his "American System." I present The Papers of Henry Clay here because they combine a political figure I have a lot of interest in, a time period which intrigues me, and a common type of source I will use in my essay. I have yet to read The Papers of Henry Clay, but as someone who has read his biography, reading these papers is a priority for future reading. I have added the first volume to these archives because I have always been fascinated with the prehistory of events and people; learning where they came from, what their family structure was like and what motivated them. This also represents my interest in Psychology (since I am a Psychology minor).


Hammond, Andrew





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