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Stanly E. Godbold, Confederate Colonel and Cherokee Chief (1990)


Stanly E. Godbold, Confederate Colonel and Cherokee Chief (1990)


This secondary source was a biography of the life of William Holland Thomas, it covers his roots and follows his works until his death. Godbold and Russell utilized a number of sources; he cited manuscripts, public documents, printed collections, various books, articles, and newspapers. Godbold illustrates that William Thomas was generally accepted as a white man who grew up around Cherokee culture. Without a father, Thomas grew up with strong influences from Cherokee men, yet he maintained his ties with white culture. Utilizing his connections to both cultures he became a successful businessman and a prominent political figure. In these settings the author explains why Thomas had more moderate opinions in the matter of succession and what opportunities he saw in a new nation. Thomas predicted that should a new nation be born in the South, many business opportunities would arise in the Northern Southern States like North Carolina. He believed these States would become the new north in the south and would become prime locations for new business. Godbold and Russell were able to explain the resources and connections that Thomas had at his disposal and how he was able utilize them. Many of the Cherokee were grateful to Thomas for his reputation of and his service to the Cherokee nation and were willing to aid Thomas in the Civil war. This was true even in cases where the Cherokee were not drafted into the army. William Thomas had a reputation as a warrior chief who fought for the confederacy and commanded Cherokee troops who would scalp their enemies. Although this reputation was often exaggerated, it did on occasion prove useful to him.


Godbold, Stanly E.


Godbold, Stanly E. Confederate Colonel and Cherokee Chief. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1990.




Godbold, Stanly E.



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