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Using Primary Sources


  • Watch the first 1 minute and forty seconds of this youtube video to prompt your thoughts on a soldier's motivation in general. Then review the letters from Joseph J. Hoyle's book analyzing what motivated Hoyle specifically to continue fighting in the Civil War.
  • Google Lieutenant Joseph J. Hoyle to get some background information on this Confederate soldier.

  •  The following letters were written by Lieutenant Joseph J. Hoyle during the Civil War. The first two letters were written in 1862 and the third letter was written in 1863.


  • Analyze the letters using the SKIM-C method


  • Formulate an opinion on what motivated Hoyle to continue fighting based on the three letters.


  • Consider if his motivation changed or deepened from the 1862 letters to the letter from 1863?


  • Then, compose a 2-3 page paper on Hoyle's motivation to fight and continue fighting as the Civil War endured based on your analysis of the following primary sources.