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Letter of N. C. Bruce, North Carolina Battalion to the Editor, the News and Observer, May 28, 1898

To the Editor: Much is being said about Negro soldiers in the present war that is unmanly, unwise and uncharitable, and yet there is one cheering, refreshing thought among heaps of trashy talk: It is that nobody seriously suggests any want of…

James McPherson, For Cause and Comrades (1998)


I would rather live a soldier for life [than] see this country made a mighty sepulcher in which should be buried our institutions, our nationality, our flag, and every American that today lives, than that our Republic should be divided into little…

James McPherson, What They Fought For (1994)

what they fought for.jpeg

This conviction that they fought for their homes and women gave many Confederate soldiers remarkable staying power in the face of adversity. "My dear be a brave woman to the last," wrote a Shenandoah Valley farmer serving in the 10th Cavalry to his…

Daniel Harvey Hill, 1821-1889


Daniel Harvey Hill, Sr. (1821-1889) was a talented Confederate General from North Carolina and brother-in-law of infamous Confederate general, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson. He was educated at the United States Military Academy at West Point…

Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle, October 8, 1862

Item 207: Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle October 8, 1862

Camp French, near Petersburg, Va, Oct 8th 1862 My Dear wife: I take the pleasure of dropping you a few lines, informing you that I am well at present. We landed at Petersburg last Saturday, but I was detailed to stay with the baggage and did…

Joseph J. Hoyle, 1836-1864


Joseph J. Hoyle was a twenty-four year old soldier who fought alongside friends, cousins, and family members in the 55th Regiment of the North Carolina Infantry. Lieutenant Hoyle was born in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and much of what we know…

Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Mrs. Wise, July 17, 1863


The following letter was found in the Peter Mull Collection, North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bunker’s Hill, Va.
July 17th, 1863.

Mrs. Wise:
It becomes my painful duty to inform you of the…

Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle, September 28, 1863


Near Rapidan Station Va.
Sept. 28th 1863.
My Dear wife:
This will inform you that I am about well again, and I hope it may find you well. The weather is cold up here now, and we have frost plenty, and…

Letter of Joseph Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle, February 15, 1864

55th soldier.jpeg.png

Near Orange C.H. Va.,
Feb, 15th, 1864
Dear Sarah,
I must tell you about us all re-enlisting for the war last Saturday. The whole Brigade was ordered out and General Davis gave us a stirring speech upon the subject. Our Regt. Seemed somewhat…

Scalping of Union Soldiers


This engraving reproduced in "The Adventures of Daniel Ellis the Union Guide" in 1867 was designed by Ellis to show his contempt of Thomas' Indians. William W. Stringfield and James W. Terrell differed on the frequency of scalping incidents by the…