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Amnesty Petition of Richard B. Lee, June 12, 1865


Amnesty Petition of Richard B. Lee, June 12, 1865


Richard B. Lee was excluded from amnesty due to the fact that he resigned his commission in the US Army and went on to serve as Lieutenant Colonel in the Confederate Army. Lee underscored his meritorious service in the US Army prior to the Civil War, highlighting the fact that he had been wounded, promoted because of merit, and recognized for "gallant conduct." He also explained that he was essentially forced out of the US Army because he became an "object of suspicion" and was "virtually expelled from service." He also claimed that he was not to blame for the political atmosphere that led to secession.


Richard B. Lee


Richard B. Lee, Amnesty Petition, June 12, 1865, Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers"), 1865-67, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1780s-1917, Record Group 94, Publication M1003, National Archives, Washington, D.C.






Edgecombe County, North Carolina

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