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"Insurrection in North Carolina," North Carolina Star, September 15, 1831


"Insurrection in North Carolina," North Carolina Star, September 15, 1831


The Raleigh Star reporting on the outcome of the Nat Turner Rebellion that happened in Southampton County, Virgina. The article reports on other insurrections located in Wilmington and Sampson county North Carolina. The writer comments on the foolishness and depravity of the slaves to attempt a revolt, and ends with how it will take careful watchfulness to have security. The article sheds light on the response from North Carolinian residents, who responded in fear and with much back lash on their own slaves after the Nat Turner slave insurrection. The article gives one a sense of the growing fear that Southerners had of slave revolts.


North Carolina Star


"Insurrections in North Carolina," North Carolina Star, September 15, 1831, accessed January 27, 2012,






Raleigh, NC
Wake County, NC

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Newspaper Article


The Edenton Gazette states, upon information received from an undoubted source, that there have been killed in Southampton county upwards of one hundred negroes, consequent upon the late insurrection in that county. Fourteen of the thoughtless, savage wretches have been tried, of whom, thirteen were convicted, and are to be hung during the present week — there are thirty more now in the jail at Jerusalem yet to be tried, besides others in jail at Bellfield.

We understand that about twenty-one negroes have been committed to jail in Edenton, on a charge of having been concerned in concerting a project of rebellion. A slave has also been arrested and imprisoned in Duplin county, upon a similar allegation. He had communicated his knowledge of the scheme in agitation to a free man of color, who gave immediate information to the whites. Serious reports in relation to a revolt of the slaves in Wilmington and Sampson county, reached this city, by the way of Smithfield, on Monday night and Tuesday morning last. On Tuesday evening, certain intelligence from various sources reached us of an insurrection having occurred on Sunday night last in a part of Sampson and Duplin counties. Its extent or the damage done is unknown to us. But, as the militia have been called out in the adjacent counties, we flatter ourselves that it will be speedily suppressed, and that the deluded wretches who are concerned in the diabolical attempt will be made to suffer severely for their temerity.…

The miserable deluded and fiendish band in Southampton have paid dearly for their stupidity and atrocious wickedness; and such will inevitably be the late of all who may ever be so silly and depraved as to intimate their example. But there are some, it seems, reckless enough to attempt it. Vigilance, therefore, becomes necessary for perfect security.


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North Carolina Star, "Insurrection in North Carolina," North Carolina Star, September 15, 1831, Civil War Era NC, accessed July 12, 2024,