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      When people in the general public discuss the divisions within the Civil War, they usually talk about Northern versus Southern States. Teachers are known to give students dates and facts regarding which states seceded, what order they did so, and which states remained in the Union, but go no further. By looking at history in these overly simplified ways, it overlooks and diminishes the importance of other divisions that are of equal importance. It also gives the impression that the war began with secession, and the only division that existed was between the North and the South. In this exhibit, I will highlight the political inequalities that developed contentions between Eastern and Western North Carolina which ultimately led to the overwhelmingly unionist sentiment in the Western region of the state. Then, I will discuss the various meanings of the word “Union” as defined by the people in the early nineteenth century. I will also acknowledge the actions of a few white unionist males from Watauga County, N.C. and decipher what they perceived the Union to be. I will do so by examining the 1776 and 1835 North Carolina state constitutions, and the inequalities within them. Also, the socioeconomic statuses are very important in discussing the political influence of their county, so class inequality will be examined as well. The primary sources that I consulted in an effort to understand and learn more about Western North Carolina Unionists are southern claims that were made after the end of the war. Southern Claims were formal documents that southern men and women presented to the government if they or a deceased family member aided the Union army during the Civil War. They turned these in hoping for money compensation for the aide they provided. However, in order to receive compensation, that person, along with their witnesses, had to prove his or her loyalties to the Union through interrogations. These interrogations were extensive and provide a lot of information about the Unionist.