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Following Sherman's March in Blue and Grey 1864-1865

This activity traces General William Sherman, of the Union Army, and his men as they marched through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina near the end of the Civil War.  The accounts start with Sherman’s occupation of the city of Atlanta in September of 1864, and then follow his army’s march from Savannah to North Carolina, from November of 1864 to April of 1865.  The accounts of Sherman's March in each state were told from Union soldiers’ perspectives and Confederate citizens’ and soldiers’ perspectives.  The accounts discussed the carnage and purpose of Sherman’s March, to destroy the South's resources and the will to fight mentally. The first section you encounter is the Introductoin, which provides you with more  background information on Sherman's March.  The next two sections demonstrate how to properly compare Union sources and how to compare a Confederate source to a Union source.  The final section has the activity.  


Tim Justice