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James Rumley , 1812-1881


Perhaps the best represented, and most well documented secessionist under the occupation of eastern North Carolina, James Rumley, a Carteret country court clerk. Rumley was a diarist that kept intensive notes about life under Union control from the…

George H. White, 1852-1918

G H White.jpg

George H. White (1852-1918) was a Republican Congressman from the Second District of North Carolina and the only African-American Representative in Congress between 1898 and 1901. Before assuming this national office, White served as a State…

Marion Butler, 1863-1938


Marion Butler (1863-1938) served as the Chairman of the Populist Party in North Carolina during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as well as a United States Senator from 1895-1901. He helped to negotiate an alliance between the…

William Holland Thomas, 1805-1893

William Holland Thomas was a white southerner who was born in the northwest region of North Carolina. Though Thomas had some relation to the former president Zachery Taylor, he had relatively modest beginnings. Thomas was raised by his widowed mother…

Norman Ethre Jennett, 1877-1970


Norman Jennett (1877-1970) was a political cartoonist who worked for the Raleigh News and Observer during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His cartoons reflected and supported the white supremacist agenda of the Democratic Party,…