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"THE GREAT STRUGGLE," August 19, 1865


When Governor Holden, Provisional Gov-
ernor of the United States for the State of
North Carolina, says that he does not think
Union men will be “punished” in that State,
what does such an extraordinary expression
mean? When the Northern…

"Two Voices From North Carolina," June 3, 1865


Several gentlemen have come from North Carolina to Washington to confer with the Government upon the subject of the reorganization of that State. Among them is the Hon. W. W. Holden, who is understood to be a representative of the Union men at the…

Salisbury National Cemetery Gate

The gate to the National Cemetery is wrought iron and imposing.

Salisbury trenches

At Salisbury the dead were too numerous for Confederates to provide individual graves, and instead dumped the bodies into eighteen trenches. These trenches were heavily contested after the war as how many bodies were actually inside.

Federal Monument, Front Panel, Salisbury National Cemetery

Main panel of the Federal Monument describing the impossible number of Salisbury prison dead.

Federal Monument, Salisbury National Cemetery

The largest memorial in Salisbury National Cemetery, the Federal Monument was built to honor the unknown dead of Salisbury prison. Paid for in 1873 the monument had the incredibly high claim of 11,700 dead which was done without accurate archaeology…

Salisbury Monuments

A photo of the Salisbury National Cemetery it focuses on the thousands of graves along with the Maine and Federal Monuments. It was a beautiful day for taking pictures.

Salisbury National Cemetery entrance

From the main gate at Salisbury National Cemetery in Rowan County, North Carolina. This image was taken on March 15, 2014. It shows a stone wall attached to the iron wrought gate which allows entrance to the cemetery.

Amnesty Petition of William MacRae, July 28, 1865


Your Excellency,

I have the honor to submit the petition covering application for pardon, and restoration to the rights of citizenship under your Amnesty Proclamation of May 29th, 1860.

Previous to the late rebellion, I was a man of no…

Amnesty Petition of J. B. Carpenter, August 15, 1865

IMG_1846 - Version 2.jpg

North Carolina
Rutherford County

To His Excellency Andrew Johnson President of the Unite States of America

The petition of J. B. Carpenter a resident of the County and State aforesaid, aged twenty seven years, last June and by occupation a…