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Letter from Thomas Day to David L. Swain, December 6, 1847

Hon. Sir,

Yours of the 24 Nov. came in Time. I am preparing the Timbers to shelve your rooms Earley as possible, the plank has to be of superior quality & Dried in a steam kill which I have here. You advise me to come thare to do the work, but I…

Tax Records for Caswell County, 1847

tax record Thomas Day.jpg
These tax records show the amount of land Thomas Day had, the number of slaves he owned, and the amount of taxes owed to the government. Within these tax records, Thomas Day owned slaves, which is different that the 1846 tax records. This shows that…

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J.M. Hollowell, "Coming of the Yankees" (1939)

jm hollowell p41.jpg


Since I stopped writing of my early recollections of Goldsboro, I have been asked by some of the young folks why I did not tell more about the Yankee army coming to Goldsboro in 1865, and what they did,…

Robert A. Wiesner, Cross Section of the Endor Iron Furnace, c. 1864

endor diagram 2.jpg
This is a cross section of the Endor Iron Furnace showing how the furnace operated as well as how it was loaded. It was taken from Robert A. Wiesner's The Men of Endor: Their Works and Times, 1861-1876.


Robert A. Wiesner, Reconstruction of the Endor Ironworks, c. 1864

endor diagram.jpg
This diagram taken fromThe Men of Endor: Their Works and Times, 1861-1876 by Robert A. Wiesner, shows what he believes the Endor ironworks looked like while in operation. The furnace, foundations of some of the buildings, and the stone wall still…


David Anderson & Co., "Eagle Foundry," Fayetteville Observer,  March 23, 1863

In this issue of the Fayetteville Observer, there is an advertisement for the Eagle Foundry, a business operated by David Anderson. Anderson purchased his iron from Endor throughout the Downer Group's ownership of the site. He specialized in railroad…


Thomas F. O'Brien and William Beverhout Thompson, Map of the Cape Fear and Deep rivers from Fayetteville to Hancock's Mill showing the position of the several locks dams and canals upon the line of the companys works, 1852

dee river dams.jpg
This map depicts the extensive system of locks, dams, and canals built on the Deep River and Cape Fear River. This existing infrastructure was one of the things which attracted the Confederate government to the Deep River Valley who were trying to…


Ebenezer Emmons, Map of the Deep River Coal Field, 1856

deep river coal.jpg
This map depicts the geology in the Deep River Valley where Endor was located. It show the vein of coal along the Deep River. According to this map, the vein cut right across underneath the property.


Nathan A. Ramsey, Map of Chatham County, NC, 1870

chatham map.jpg
This map shows the location of the Endor Iron Works in relation to other locations in 19th Century Chatham County. It also shows the coal vein in the region. One thing to note is that by the time this map was made the Western Railroad had been…


Charles T. Jackson, Geological Map of Deep River Coal Field: From Recent Surveys, September 1853

geo map.jpg
This map shows the vein of coal that follows the Deep River along the Deep River Valley, making up what is known as the Deep River Coal Field. This coal provided fuel for the Confederacy during the Civil War.