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Summary Report, 1873, Disallowed Claim of Eli Harris

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"When claimant found he had to go into the service in 1863 he volunteered in a horse Company so as to keep out of the Infantry and continued with Rebel Service over a year.

This service was inconsistent with loyal adherence to the cause of Union…

Summary Report, 1873, Disallowed Claim of Allen Oldham

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"The claimant is 70 years of age & a farmer- Has resided in Chatham Co. throughout the war- He had four sons who volunteered in the Confederate Army- He furnished them provisions- that he was opposed secession in the outset is quite probable, but…

Summary Report, 1879, Disallowed Claim of Marmaduke Temple

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"Claimant swears that he was a union man but that he sympathized with the people of the South. One of his witnesses says that he also was a union man at the leastful- despaired of the cause and went with his friends. His second witness says that…

Summary Report, 1876, Allowed Claim of Elizabeth Mason


"The claimant was a widow during the war and is still, and is now over 75 years old. She owned a farm, which she carried on, and owned the stock and grain for which she files her claim. She and two or three of her neighbors testify to her loyal…

Summary Report, 1879, Allowed Claim of Allen Ellis


"Claimant was about 53 years old when the war began and was a farmer, carpenter, and preacher near Pittsboro in the central part of North Carolina. His conduct and feelings about and during the rebellion are thus stated my himself in his testimony…

Summary Report, 1874, Disallowed Claim of Austin and William Bryan

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"The claimants were slaves of one Elias Bryan- They now live on his land-

1. Items 1. We can not allow for tobacco.
2. It is rather remarkable that the slaves should have $50 in gold & silver- a gold watch and five broadcloth wearing apparel. It…