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"The Nebraska Bill," February 22, 1854


"The Nebraska Bill," February 22, 1854


The editor of the Raleigh Register, a Whig newspaper, complained of dissenting voices within the South regarding the Nebraska bill. The author singled out John Minor Botts of Virginia, a prominent Whig and later Unionist.


Raleigh Register


"The Nebraska Bill," Raleigh Register, February 22, 1854, Secession Era Editorials Project, accessed December 13, 2011,




Raleigh, North Carolina
Wake County, North Carolina



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Newspaper Article


When, on one or two former occasions, -- after advancing the suggestion that the introduction of the Nebraska bill was premature, and expressing our well-grounded opinion of the motives of Douglas, the demagogue, in bringing it forward, -- we affirmed that; since the issue had been raised, the South would be united, we had not anticipated the violent opposition made by Mr. Botts, of Virginia, in a letter to the "National Intelligencer", nor such a speech as that of Mr. Houston, Senator from Texas.

In view of the general proposition involved in the Nebraska bill, our hope now is that it will be so modified as to be no longer obnoxious to the special objections urged against it; and, if it cannot be passed because of those who take care of the public money and Indians, let the principle of non-intervention be presented in a distinct resolution, which shall fix the doctrine upon our statute book, leaving Indian "compromises" and particular Territorial government as questions of subsequent discussion.


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Raleigh Register, "The Nebraska Bill," February 22, 1854, Civil War Era NC, accessed July 12, 2024,