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A letter written from Catherine Ramsey to John Futch.


A letter written from Catherine Ramsey to John Futch.


In this letter, a mother, Catherine Ramsey, writes to her Confederate solider son, John Futch. Futch's mother writes about how worried she is that her son is away at war, and wishes to know where is he, what he's doing, and wants him to come home as soon as she can. Ramsey continues by saying she is uneasy about her current situation, and gives a listing of the growing prices of items such as corn, rich, and baking powder. By doing this, Ramsey will surely worry her son, and will further convince him into deserting in order to care for his family in their time of need.


Catherine Ramsey


Ramsey, Catherine. "A Letter Written from Catherine Ramsey to John Futch." Letter to John Futch. 29 Mar. 1863. MS.


March 29, 1863



Original Format



Dear sun,

I sete my self down to write you afew lines wich will inform you that we air all well. Hopin that these few line may rech and find you injoyen the same good blessings. Dear sun I have no news to rite to you of imporince more than I want to no where you air and what you air and what you air doing I am veary uneasey about you and all the rest. I hear that the 59 regiment has goin to newbern and have had a fite thear. Our popel tuck back a pece of rail rode from the Yankees and fone in comens company has got back to Kinston and 4 of them got wounded but the 59 regiment had not return back when I hird form them and I learned that you had a fit at fredricksburg and I am uneasey. I have seen more trouble then my tung can tell. Thear is hard times and mors acomin. Corn is three dollars and fifty cent and nun at that rice twenty cent a pound bakin eighty cent per pound and the yankeys is takin all the remains at newbern, but if they get me they will have a race for it. We air all plantin hear. Martha is sewin. She sure can sew three and fore yards a day. I think it is pretty smart fore the first but she has got this one out and is sewin on another piece. John you seay that you want to Holly Shelter and I wishe that you could come and see it and see my marlins. I have got the old marlin and some young ones and I am trying to tame them but I made a bad start. So I must come to a close by sain the family is all well exceptin your father and law. He has pains in his neas and back. He is most done plantin nothen more at preysant only to remain your affectionly mother tell deth. Rite soon as you receve this and fail not.

Catherine Ramsey to Mr. John Futch


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