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"Anson County Petition for Convention", January 1861


"Anson County Petition for Convention", January 1861


Anson County citizens petition Governor John W. Ellis to convene the General Assembly in order to call for a secession convention. This was in response to the Craven County resolutions, Anson County located in the western part of the state was concerned with the heated debate over North Carolina session. Anson County representatives were worried that the state would be hasty in their judgment and succeed without consulting the rest of the state.


Citizens of Anson County


"Anson County Petition for Convention", January 1861. North Carolina Digital Archive. Accessed April 15, 2012.






Anson County, North Carolina

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Government Document


To his Excellency John W. Ellis We, the undersigned, Petitioners, of the county of Anson, without respect to party, or party predilections, being convinced that the exigencies of the times and the scenes that are being enacted around us, almost within our midst, and which, from the present lights before us, we believe will be continued, demand some action on our part as a people, and believing the same with regard to the State, respectfully petition your Excellency, if consistent with your judgment, to convene the Legislature of the State in extraordinary session, as soon as possible, for the purpose of calling a Convention of the People, or taking such steps as may be conducive to the welfare of the State. F. Avent William Broadaway John W. Huntley James Gulledge John Redfearn Sr. A. Barrett Thomas Huntley J. E. Marsh F. Crowder W. A. Barrett Theofilus Rayfield T. L. Dosten T. H. Redfearn B. Barrett H. B. Billingsly C. B. Coppedge S. Huntley D. Niven George Duron Jacob Lamply W. A. Lamply W. Smith A. W. L. Falkner Jonathan J. Hill John D. Moore James W. Redfearn John C. McRae J. A. McRae D. T. Redfearn P. H. Swink H. B. Braswell H. M. Stegall R. S. Redfearn John Russell John C. Morgan John R. Harrell Jesse J. Rushing D. W. Chanley James Crowder


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Citizens of Anson County, "Anson County Petition for Convention", January 1861, Civil War Era NC, accessed June 20, 2024,