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Louis Brown, The Salisbury Prison (1992)


Louis Brown, The Salisbury Prison (1992)


Louis Brown's The Salisbury Prison: A Case Study of Confederate Military Prisons, 1861-1865 provides an all inclusive look into the Confederate Prison located in Salisbury, North Carolina. The book goes into detail about how the prisoners were treated at the beginning of the war and how the treatment deteriorated over the years and when a new command relieved the older, less harsh command. The book also deals with day to day life of the prisoners and guards. Through logs kept by the guards, Brown does a good job covering how the operations went during the tenure of the prison. Also, Brown covers many escape attempts by the prisoners and how that affected the morale of the entire prison. One thing that I think needs to be pointed out about this book is the fact that many reviews on it have been positive and it seems to be used in many online websites pertaining to this particular prison including the Rowan County Public Library websites bibliography regarding the prison Brown uses many letters from prisoners especially the one of Benjamin F. Booth of the Iowa infantry company. Booth published his diary later on in his life. As a base article, I feel that this one is a good starting point due to the fact that it covers many facets of the prison and the inner workings of a "decent" prison after the bad reputation that was put on prisons because of the atrocities at Andersonville.


Brown, Louis A.


Louis Brown. The Salisbury Prison: A Case Study of Confederate Military Prisons, 1861-1865. Wilmington: Broadfoot Publishing Company, 1992.





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