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A Voice from Rebel Prisons, 1865

A Voice from Rebel Prisons.pdf
This is a book that was published in the early 20th century by a Union Civil War veteran who served in the 48th Regiment New York Volunteer. This “Returned Prisoner of War” recounted his enlistment and service up until his capture by…


Escaping Union Officers Succored by Slaves.jpg

The sketch on page 164 represents a party of the
Union officers who lately escaped from Libey prison,
under the guidance and protection of negroes living
in the environs of Richmond. They are conducted
by one of these poor slaves to his cabin…

Federal Monument, Salisbury National Cemetery

The largest memorial in Salisbury National Cemetery, the Federal Monument was built to honor the unknown dead of Salisbury prison. Paid for in 1873 the monument had the incredibly high claim of 11,700 dead which was done without accurate archaeology…

Salisbury Baseball Match

baseball game.jpg
Prussian painter and lithgrapher Otto Boetticher joined with a New York regiment and was captured by Confederates and placed in Salisbury prison. His illustration of a baseball game at Salisbury is the first known image of baseball.

Louis Brown, The Salisbury Prison (1992)

Louis Brown's The Salisbury Prison: A Case Study of Confederate Military Prisons, 1861-1865 provides an all inclusive look into the Confederate Prison located in Salisbury, North Carolina. The book goes into detail about how the prisoners were…


"The Land Attack on Wilmington - Defence and Fall of Fort Fisher," Charleston Mercury, January 18, 1865

Charleston Mercury.jpg

THE LAND ATTACK ON WILMINGTON - DEFENCE AND FALL OF FORT FISHER Our community was much depressed yesterday by the news, which reaches here in the forenoon that Fort Fisher, the gate of the Cape Fear River, had succumbed to another tremendous…