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Peruse biographies of North Carolinians who lived through the upheavals of the Civil War era. This collection contains secondary sources, specifically biographies of the key events and actions in the lives of significant people in North Carolina during the prewar, wartime, and postwar years and contextualizes them within their time. Students in history classes at North Carolina State University and other contributors authored these biographies.

D. H. Hill, 1859-1924

Daniel Harvey (D. H.) Hill (1859-1924), the son of Confederate general D. H. Hill, was an important figure in the commemoration of the Civil War and Reconstruction in North Carolina in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries through his…

Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, 1823-1875

Catherine Ann Devereux was one of six children born in 1823 to Thomas Pollock Devereux and Catherine Ann Bayard Johnson. She was raised in a wealthy plantation owning family where she received a private education from her father. Once married to…

Henry Martin Tupper, 1831-1893

Henry Martin Tupper (1831-1893), an honorary discharge from the Union Army, was a very important figure in the education of blacks during the Reconstruction period of the Civil War because he funded Shaw University. When Henry Tupper arrived in…