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All primary sources for the research paper were found from a collection of editorials entitled Southern Editorials on Secession edited by Dwight L. Dumond.

Primary Sources

Dumond, Dwight Lowell, ed. Southern Editorials on Secession. New York: The Century Co., 1931.

Secondary Sources

Bestor, Arthur. "State Sovereignty and Slavery: A Reinterpretation of Proslavery Constitutional Doctrine, 1846-1860." Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 54 (1961): 117-80.

Deyle, Steven. Carry Me Back. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.

Gibbons, J. P. "Bart F. Moore on Secession and Reconstruction." In An Annual Publication of Historical Papers. Durham, NC: History Department, Trinity College, 1898.

Honey, Michael K. "The War Within the Confederacy: White Unionist of North Carolina." Journal of the National Archives, 18, no. 2 (1986): 75-93.