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Harriet Jacobs and the God that Saved Her

This exhibit focuses on the extraordinary life of Harriet Jacobs, a slave from North Carolina during the years before the Civil War. She is most famous for the fact that she wrote the events of her life down for the rest of the world to read them. This autobiography has been proven by a geat scholar, Jean Fagan Yellin, to be authentic and true from cover to cover. The exhibit will discuss primarily the religious aspect of Jacobs's journey from slavery to freedom. Her determination and, more importantly, her faith in God are the only things that led this fascinating woman to a new life - a life of freedom. Using mainly primary sources, I seek to look into the heart of Harriet Jacobs. I seek to understand her decisions to never give up hope, to push through obstacles when it seems an inevitable defeat, and to share her life with the rest of the world. 


Sean Hilliard