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  1. After reading a small amount about the life of Harriet Jacobs (considering the evidence that Jean Fagan Yellin has discovered), are there any lasting doubts about the authenticity of the autobiography?
  2. Considering Jacobs’s success of freeing herself and her family with determination and great faith, why was the end result not the same for countless more slaves who desperately sought freedom?
  3. In your opinion, considering all of her life’s events and her actions, does Harriet Jacobs exemplify the ideal slave? Why or why not? From whose perspective?
  4. Why is Harriet Jacobs not as well known among African American slaves? After all she did write her life down for the world to read. 
  5. Even if we believe that Harriet Jacobs did, in fact, write Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, how do we know that all of the stories within the autobiography are true?