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Reconstruction left North Carolina in a greater state of upheaval than it began with. The Ku Klux Klan was successful in halting Reconstruction efforts and the aftermath of the Kirk-Holden War left the state in another upheaval now in the hands of the Democratic Party. Governor Holden, took the steps he had available to him, to do what was best for the state and to ensure equal protection for the citizens of North Carolina. Governor Holden is crucial in the history of North Carolina and Reconstruction but the Republicans of North Carolina are just as significant. Just as much as Governor Holden was a part of the fight against the Ku Klux Klan these men were on the front lines. Just as much as Governor Holden was held accountable for his actions, so were these Republicans. Looking at a few of the actions discussed taken by these Republicans such as Senator John Pool who authored the Shoffner Act, or at Wyatt Outlaw and John W. Stephens who lost their lives in the fight to protect the lives of the citizens of the state. Albion Tourgee, who resided as justice over cases where men who took many innocent lives faced no punishment and protection for everyone did not exist, or Abraham Galloway who fought against Democratic legislators defending the Klan, and fighting against Klan members in a militia. It is clear they molded Governor Holden’s actions. Studying the actions of these Republicans, it is clear the impeachment of Governor Holden was not entirely valid and it is reflected through their continued support of him. While Governor Holden was impeached and  the state was left in the hands of the Democratic Party, these Republicans continued to fight for the same ideals they did along-side Governor Holden in the Kirk-Holden War.