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The Declaration of Independence of North Carolina, May 11, 1861

A Declaration of Independence written by the North Carolina Senate.

Speech of John W. Ellis, March 9th, 1860.


Mr. President,102 and Gentlemen of the Convention
Your committee has communicated to me the action of the
Convention, and I am here to express to you my profound
obligations for the high confidence you are pleased to repose in
me. A nomination…

Letter of Joseph Todd to John Ellis, December 15, 1859

I wish you if it is consistent with the public service to send
me some 25 or 30 commissions for officers of the militia of the
95th Regiment of N. Carolina as I have none and but very few
officers commissioned. The times look a little squally and…

Letter of John Ellis to John Floyd, December 10, 1859

The Sense of insecurity prevailing among the people of this
State, renders it necessary that I should apply to you for arms
to place in the hands of the militia.
I wish to procure from the Government, two thousand long
range rifles with bayonets…

Letter of Duncan McDonald to John Ellis, November 17, 1859

I am in want of 25 commissions for this County.
For the purpose of giving new life to our wretched military
sistem, now almost entirely neglected ; the importance of having
a well drilled militia, since the outbrake at Harpers Ferry is

Letter of B. W. Daniel to William Augustus Blount, September 16, 1831.

Gen Wm A Blount Dear Sir I must request the favour of you to turn the arms recieved from Newbern, in your possession over to the company raising in your County (footnote 39) Footnote 39: Nat Turner's insurrection in Southampton County, Virginia,…

Letter of Nathan H. Street, Peter G. Evan, John N. Washington to John W. Ellis, January 9, 1859


At a mass meeting of the citizens of Craven County, held at
the Court House in New Berne on Thursday, the 15th ulto, a
committee of five were appointed to "bring to the attention of
your Excellency the condition of the 'Depot of Public Arms*…

John H. Hopkins, "On the Constitutional Rights and Duties of the American Citizen in Reference to Slavery," May 11, 1857

The article published in the Fayetteville Observer, was an excerpt written by Bishop Hopkins from his book titled “The American Citizen: His Rights and Duties, According to the Spirit of the Constitution of the United States.” A bishop in…

Letter from Daniel Wilson to S S Jocelyn, November 26, 1858

Sawyersville Nov the 26th 1858

To Revrnd. S S Jocelyn Sec of the AMA

Dear Brother
After a long delay I again address you to Inform you that whatever may have been the Impressions made on your mind by others; as to the Writer that I still feel…