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Amnesty Petition of Robert Vance, July 1865 Vance p1.jpg
Robert Vance was excluded under the third provision of Andrew Johnson's Amnesty Proclamation of 1865, and served as a brigadier general during the war. Vance endeavored to show that before Lincoln's call for troops to "suppress the insurrectionary…

Amnesty Petition of Samuel S. Gregory, August 22, 1865

Page 4 Amnesty.jpg

His Excellency
Andrew Johnson
President of the United States

Your petitioner Saml S. Gregory a native and resident of Sampson County, and the State of North Carolina, respectfully [showeth?] unto your Excellency, that he received an appointment…

Amnesty Petition of Theophelius H. Holmes, June 6, 1865 Holmes P1.jpg
Former Confederate General Theophelius Holmes had been educated at West Point and resigned his commission in the US Army to serve the Confederacy. Thus, he was excluded under the third, fifth and eighth provisions of Johnson's Amnesty Proclamation of…

Amnesty Petition of Thomas G. Walton, July 13, 1865

TG Walton p3.jpg
Former Colonel of the Home Guard of the 8th Regiment, Thomas Walton, went to great lengths to explain his opposition to secession before the outbreak of hostilities. Walton explained that he had been an active member of the Whig Party, and had worked…

Amnesty Petition of W.G. Lewis, June 20, 1865 Lewis p1.jpg
Former Brigadier General in the Confederate Army, W.G. Lewis was excepted from pardon under the third provision. In his letter, Lewis stressed the fact that he primarily held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and that the rank of Brigadier General was…

Amnesty Petition of William McRae, July 28, 1865 McRae.jpg
William McRae was excluded from Presidential amnesty under the third provision due to his rank of Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. McRae insisted that he was loyal to the Union, and took no part in the political discussions leading to…

Amnesty Petition of William P. Roberts, August 26, 1865 Roberts.jpg
William P. Roberts was excluded from Presidential amnesty under the third exception, due to his service as Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. Roberts insisted that he was not part of the political discourse which led to secession, and sought…

Amnesty Petition of William S. Bradshaw, June 30, 1865

Page 1.jpg

[Page 1]:

"W. S. Bradshaw
Alamance County, NC
Pet. for Pardon
Officer & Post. Master
Received By:
W. R. Albright
W. A. Albright"
Executive Office W6
Raleigh, June 30, 1865.
I respectfully recommend that a pardon be granted in this case.…

Ansley Herring Wegner, Phantom Pain (2004)


North Carolina rapidly responded to the needs of its Confederate amputees. The General Assembly passed a resolution of January 23, 1866, asking Gov. Jonathan Worth "to make a contract with some manufacturer of artificial limbs to supply the need of…

Grave of William Jones at Salisbury National Cemetery

William Jones, a veteran of the Spanish American War, was buried at Salisbury National Cemetery in 1954. His grave is one of many from the Spanish-American War and focuses on his state unit, not the national force.