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The Mystery of Endor: Uncovering the Records of 1864 and the Legacy of the Downer Group

This exhibit focuses on the Endor iron furnace, a Civil War era blast furnace which stands on the southern bank of the Deep River near Sanford, North Carolina.  The furnace produced iron during the war but little is known about much of its history.  Author Robert A. Wiesner published a book in 2007 entitled The Men of Endor: Their Works and Times 1861-1876 which sheds light on the history of the site; however, at the time he could find little evidence to the workings of the furnace under a group of investors known as the Downer Group who purchased the site in 1864 and held it for only seven months.  Using the advent of newly available evidence, this exhibit solves the mystery of what happened at Endor during these seven months and reveals the Endor Iron Furnace as an important piece in the Confederate railroad industry.


Steven Boyer