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Gary Gallagher, The Union War (2011)

The Union War.jpg

It has become a commonplace that the war changed how Americans thought of their country. During the antebellum years, most people said “the United States are . . .” After the war, however, they said “The United States is . .…

Drew Gilpin Faust, The Creation of Confederate Nationalism:  Ideology and Identity in the Civil War South (1988)

Confederate Nationalism.jpg

Curiously, historians have tended to understate the importance of slavery within southern consciousness during the war. In part, this may be because in postbellum decades many southerners themselves disavowed slavery as a major cause of the…

B. H. Liddell Hart, Strategy (1960)

Strategy By Hart.jpg

After gaining Atlanta, Sherman took a risk greater than ever before, and for which he has been much criticized by military commentators. He was convinced that if he could march through, and ruin the rain the railway system of, Georgia-the 'granary…

Within the Plantation Household : Black and White Women of the Old South


Antebellum southern women, like all others, lived in a discrete social system and political economy within which gender, class, and race relations shaped their lives and identities. Thus, even a preliminary sketch of the history of southern women…

The Reconstruction of White Southern Womanhood 1865-1895


Although the imagery of belledom looms especially large in writings about the Antebellum South, the actual ideal for women even then had been much more complex and divided. Through the early part of the nineteenth century, the celebration of the…

" Man's Noblest Poem is Man's Bravest Deed"


Say not we have no Poetry! The nation’s daily life struggling ‘gainst adverse fate is in itself a grand unwritten Epic! See yon long line of fresh lipped boys forth with their Mothers’ prayers & blessings on their…

Thomas Lanier Clingman: Fire Eater From the Carolina Mountains

Thomas Lanier Clingman was a unique man. Born and raised in western North Carolina, Clingman studied law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He later settled in the Ashville area where he bace a prominent politician. He strongly…