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Letter from Gen. William T. Sherman to Major-General H. W. Halleck, December 24, 1864

In the Field, Savannah, GA., December 24, 1864.

Major General H. W. HALLECK,

Chief of Staff, Washington City, D. C.:

...then, communicating with the fleet in the neighborhood of…

Letter from General W. H. C. Whiting to Sect. James Seddon, September 28, 1863

HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF CAPE FEAR, Wilmington, September 28, 1863.

Honorable JAMES A. SEDON, Secretary of War, Richmond:

SIR: I wish you would cause, if possible, one regiment at least to be sent here. I have, as you know, but one in the…

Map of the Carolinas Campaign

This map is of the campaign trails for General Sherman's Carolinas Campaign in 1865. The illustration outlines the routes of both Confederate and Union armies. The image depicts the meeting point for all Union forces in Goldsboro.

Captain William J. Twining's Map of Fort Anderson

Robert2-2013-02-16 110100.JPG

Map of Fort Andrson, N.C. Captured February 19, 1865 by the Army of the Ohio. Maj. Gen J. M. Schofield, Comd'g.

B. H. Liddell Hart, Strategy (1960)

Strategy By Hart.jpg

After gaining Atlanta, Sherman took a risk greater than ever before, and for which he has been much criticized by military commentators. He was convinced that if he could march through, and ruin the rain the railway system of, Georgia-the 'granary…

William Sherman, Special Field Orders No. 55, April 14, 1865

Richard Haywood House.jpg

[Special Field Orders, No. 55]



The next movement will be on Ashboro', to turn the position of the enemy…

Jacob Cox, Circular, April 12, 1865

Jacob Cox.jpg

Circular.] HEADQUARTERS TWENTY-THIRD ARMY CORPS, Turner’s Bridge, April 12, 1865. Since we left Goldsboro there has been a constant succession of house burning in rear of this command. This has never beforebeen the case since the corps was…

Diary of George Nichols, March 17, 1865

Averasboro Reenactment.jpg

The early morning found the Rebel intrenchments evacuated, and their former occupants in full flight toward Aversyboro. They escaped in the night, leaving their picket posts to fall into our hands; for a neglect to remember those who are…

Letter from William Sherman to Ellen Sherman, April 9, 1865

Ellen Sherman.jpg

In the Field, Goldsboro, N. C,
April 9, 1865.

. . .. Tomorrow we move straight against Joe Johnston wherever he may be. Grant's magnificent victories about Petersburg, and his rapid pursuit of Lee's army makes it unnecessary for me to move…

Account of David Porter, ca. 1865

Lincoln Grant and Sherman at City Point.jpg

The day of General Sherman's arrival at City Point, I accompanied him and General Grant on board the President's flagship, the Queen, where the President received us in the upper saloon, no one but ourselves being present.

The President was in an…