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Diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, February 18th, 1861


It gets almost painful to go to Father’s we differ so widely. He it is true says nothing personal or unhandsome, but he censures so sweepingly every thing that SC does. Mama & Susan do go on so about the “Flag. Who cares for the old striped rag…

Diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, July 16, 1860


July 16, 1860 Finished making Blackberry wine. Made in all 28 ½ gal exclusive of one Demijohn which from being I suppose accidentally corked burst. I am told however that a Demijohn will burst even when uncorked if it is filled into the neck.…

Drawing of hanging (1970-80)


"They hung my son by the limb of a tree"

Drawing of a Civil War deserter being hanged from a tree.

Francis Marion Poteet, Letter to Martha Hendley Poteet (Jan. 12, 1864)

Poteet Primary source 4.png

My Dear Wife and Children I take the pleasure to drop you a few lines to let you now that I am well at this time hoping these lines may Reach your kind hands and find you injoying the same blessing I want you to Rite to me as soon as this comes to…

J.M. Hollowell, "Coming of the Yankees" (1939)

jm hollowell p41.jpg


Since I stopped writing of my early recollections of Goldsboro, I have been asked by some of the young folks why I did not tell more about the Yankee army coming to Goldsboro in 1865, and what they did,…

Job R. Redmond, Letter to Malinda Redmond (Nov. 2, 1864)

Redmond primary source 1.png

My Dier wife and children I seete my self this morning with A Troub beled harte and a de strest Mind to try to rite a few lines to Let you no that I hierd my sentens Red yesterday and hit was very Bad I am very sory to let you no for I that you A…

Katherine Giuffre, "First in Flight: Desertion as Politics in the North Carolina Confederate Army" (1997)


"In place of open mutiny, [powerless groups] prefer desertion...They make use of implicit understandings and informal networks...When such stratagems are abandoned in favor of more quixotic action, it is usually a sign of great desperation." Scott…

Kelsey Griffin, "The Memory of the Civil War is Hard to Shake," April 29, 2012

Although I have lived in the South most of my life, I did not realize that there were any current debates over what caused the Civil War. What I have come to learn is that there are misinterpretations about the Civil War era that still exist today. …

Letter From William H. Thomas to Zebulon B. Vance, November 22, 1862

In the progress of the war men and circumstances change. At the commencement you were in Military I in Civil positions. Now my position is what your position was then. I find myself at the head of a Regment or Legion of Indians and Mountaineers,…

Letter of John Garibaldi to His Wife, September 3, 1863

Camp Stonewall Brigade September 3, 1863 Dear Wife I received your letter of the 8 of August last from which I understood with great pleasure that you and the rest of the family were all well, but sorrow to hear that you had been sick. This…