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"The North Carolina Troubles," August 20, 1870

Therehas been in certain quarters, noto-rious for sympathy with the late rebels and re-bellion, such a vehement denunciation of Gov-ernorHolden, of North Carolina, as a pecul-iarly malignant “satrap,” who was wagingfiendish war upon…

"The Reconstruction Prospect," November 12, 1867


We have favored the holding of a Convention asauthorized by Congress, and of doing all that couldfairly and honorably be done to effect reconstructionand restore the State to civil government, but we canplainly see that almost a death-blow has been…

"Read and Circulate!," 1872

CONVERSATION BETWEEN A REPUBLICAN AND A DEMOCRAT OF THE RANK AND FILE. Republican. Well, neighbor Democrat, how do you stand on politics now a days? Democrat. I am a Democrat still. R. Going to support the Democratic ticket and endorse the acts of…

"Address to the Colored People of North Carolina," December 19, 1870

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To the colored people throughout the State:

The undersigned Representatives send greeting:

Know ye that since the time that Haman conspired to destroy all the Jews who dwelt in the Persian…

Weight of Testimony, June 8, 1864


Weight of Testimony According to the Progress, the mere denint - theipse dixit -- of Mr. Holden should have "as much weight with the masses of the people in North Carolina as that of Gov. Vance, Mr. Hampton, or others." So what Mr. Holden may say…

"The Convention," The Wilmington Journal, June 28, 1860.

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The editor of the Wilmington Journaldiscusses the issues presented during the Democratic National Convention of 1860. The author begins by disussing the voting strength and turn out for supporters of the Douglass platform. The important focus of the…