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"The Reconstruction Prospect," November 12, 1867


We have favored the holding of a Convention asauthorized by Congress, and of doing all that couldfairly and honorably be done to effect reconstructionand restore the State to civil government, but we canplainly see that almost a death-blow has been…

"Editorial Notes on the South," May 31, 1867


If an election of any kind were to be held in the South within the next month, there is no reasonable doubt that three-fourths of the negro vote would be cast with the Southern white vote. There is perfect accord between the large portion of the…

"Two Voices From North Carolina," June 3, 1865


Several gentlemen have come from North Carolina to Washington to confer with the Government upon the subject of the reorganization of that State. Among them is the Hon. W. W. Holden, who is understood to be a representative of the Union men at the…

"The Wilmington Race Riot of 1898." Colonel Thomas W. Clawson August 24, 1898

This document was written to justify the events in Wilmington NC. Colonel Clawson repeats a newspaper article written on August 18, 1898 by Alfred Manly, editor of the Daily Record. The article is in response to Mrs. Fellow’s speech at the…

Testimony of Edwin A. Hull, June 26, 1871.

EDWIN A. HULL—sworn and examined by the CHAIRMAN: Question: Are you the foreman employed by Mr. Howle, on the railroad in North Carolina, in April last? Answer: Yes, sir. Question: State what knowledge you have of a visit by men in disguise;…