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Railway Ticket, 1860s

Grimes Railway Ticket.jpg
Bryan Grimes was the last Confederate officer in the Army of Northern Virginia to be appointed to the rank of Major General by Robert E. Lee. A native of North Carolina, Grimes fought on several Confederate campaigns including the Peninsula,…

James McPherson, What They Fought For (1994)

what they fought for.jpeg

This conviction that they fought for their homes and women gave many Confederate soldiers remarkable staying power in the face of adversity. "My dear be a brave woman to the last," wrote a Shenandoah Valley farmer serving in the 10th Cavalry to his…

"Col. Sam. Colt's Revolving Fire Arms," Raleigh Register, March 27, 1861


These arms have no equals in quality and finish; are adopted by the Army and Navy of the United States, and the principal governments of Europe; are uniform in all their parts, are simple, safe, sure serviceable, and can be had in one hundred…

Craven County meeting resolutions, December 12, 1860

"A large portion of the citizens of Craven" met in a meeting on December 12, 1860, to discuss "the present alarming state of national affairs." The citizens noted that white North Carolinians possessed a common interest with the "slaveholding states"…

Citizens of Craven County held a meeting to address the secession crisis, December 12, 1860

On December 12, 1860, citizens of Craven County met in response to the secession crisis. The meeting called for the North to adopt compromises that would protect the institution of slavery and also called for North Carolina to organize a convention…