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"Jim Young, the Negro Politician, at head of the Committee on Education at the Blind Institution for White Children at Raleigh" Raleigh News and Observer, August 1898

Race Riot Political Cartoon.JPG
The political cartoon depicts a black politician overseeing a group of blind white women. The cartoon was intended to encouraging white supremacy by showing the dangers of black politicians. The cartoon highlights the use of white female protection…

Letter from Laura R. McDaniel and M. Joyner Kerr to Zebulon Baird Vance, March 4, 1865


March 4 1865
To his excellency out most worthy Governor
Z. B. Vance
[to] [the] [amdenesided] to [end] the following heartfelt petition. whereas [anoter] son and the place of our [eyonrm] Fayetteville is threatened by the enemy is at present…

Letter from The Citizens of Pittsboro to Zebulon Baird Vance, March 3, 1865

The town of Pittsboro petitioned the Governor to protect them from deserters on March third, 1865. The petition claimed that one hundred deserters created 1,000 dollars in property damage. The petition was signed by twelve members of the community. …

Letter from R. M. Roark to Zebulon Baird Vance, September, 1863

Vance Papers 15.3 002.JPG
R. M. Roark wrote the Governor in September 1863 from Cleveland County about thousand dollar donation from the young women of the county raised. The money was raised in 1862 though tableaux performances. The women wanted the money to go to the…

Letter from Murdoch to Zebulon Baird Vance, July 7, 1864


Ashville Sunday Night
July 7th 1864

Dear Zeb,
[stille] some of those ladies who I saw in Raleigh on their mission for cotton cards. I come before you now on a begging trip if is to ask you should they be any good gray cloth on and for officers…

Letter from Catherine Carson to Zebulon Baird Vance, July 8, 1864

Vance Papers P.C. 15.5 009.JPG

Buck Creek July 8th 1864
Governor Vance
Dear Sir,
I take the liberty of asking you whether you can not process my son’s discharge from the army that he may come home to protect me and his sister.
Since the late raid on Camp Vance there are…

Letter from Mary A. Windsor to Zebulon Baird Vance, February 1, 1865

Vance Papers 15.6 009.JPG

Reidsville NC Feb. the 1st 1865
Gov Vance Honored Sir,
Permit me the pleasure of communicating to you a few of my thoughts by way of letter and of asking a great favor of you that is concerning my dear and beloved husband who has been gone from…