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Slavery, Civil War, and Salvation: African American Slaves and Christianity, 2010.


William E. Mongomery's fine study of the African American church in the postbellum South informs readers that nineteenth-century whites often condescendingly described black worship as "long on religion and short on Christianity." Such a statement…

John H. Hopkins, "On the Constitutional Rights and Duties of the American Citizen in Reference to Slavery," May 11, 1857

The article published in the Fayetteville Observer, was an excerpt written by Bishop Hopkins from his book titled “The American Citizen: His Rights and Duties, According to the Spirit of the Constitution of the United States.” A bishop in…

Joseph J. Hoyle, 1836-1864


Joseph J. Hoyle was a twenty-four year old soldier who fought alongside friends, cousins, and family members in the 55th Regiment of the North Carolina Infantry. Lieutenant Hoyle was born in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and much of what we know…

Letter from Daniel Wilson to S S Jocelyn, November 26, 1858

Sawyersville Nov the 26th 1858

To Revrnd. S S Jocelyn Sec of the AMA

Dear Brother
After a long delay I again address you to Inform you that whatever may have been the Impressions made on your mind by others; as to the Writer that I still feel…

Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle April 13, 1862


The following letter was printed in the April 13, 1863, issue of the Spirit of the Age.

Deteriorating Influences of War. No. I

This important topic justly claims the attention of all good men and women; for it has a direct bearing upon the…


Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle December 29, 1863


Camp near Orange C.H. Va.,
Dec. 29th 1863.

My Dear Wife:
I again have the pleasure of writing you a few lines, informing you that I am well at present, hoping…

Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle May 17, 1862


Camp Mangum, Wake Co., N.C.
May 17th, 1862
My Dear Wife:
I again embrace an opportunity of writin you a few lines. I am not very well. I have a very bad cold, though I am still able for duty. I feel that it is very hard to be…

Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle, April 17, 1864


Camp on the Rapidan, Va.
April 17th, 1864

My Dear wife:
I have the pleasure again of dropping you a few lines, informing you that I am well, and I hope this will find you well. We are still having a great deal of rain, and, although it puts us…

Letter of Joseph J. Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle, February 22, 1864


Near Orange C. H. Va
Monday, Feb. 22nd, 1864

My Dear wife:
I again have the pleasing opportunity of dropping you a few lines, informing you that I am as well as usual. I have nothing new to write you, except the weather is more pleasant…