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"The Ku-Klux," April 1, 1871


The Ku-Klux.

The Ku-Klux question has become very serious. Before the war a citizen of the United States who believed in the Declaration of Independence, and said so, was outlawed, harried, and liable to be murdered in half the country. It was…

"Address to the Colored People of North Carolina," December 19, 1870

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To the colored people throughout the State:

The undersigned Representatives send greeting:

Know ye that since the time that Haman conspired to destroy all the Jews who dwelt in the Persian…

William Woods Holden Memoir

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After nine years of rebellion, and strife, and civil discord, and social disruption and bitterness, a very large majority of the people of North Carolina long for peace, and harmony, and good will, and security of life and property. But this matter…

Weight of Testimony, June 8, 1864


Weight of Testimony According to the Progress, the mere denint - theipse dixit -- of Mr. Holden should have "as much weight with the masses of the people in North Carolina as that of Gov. Vance, Mr. Hampton, or others." So what Mr. Holden may say…

"Public Meeting in Wake County," North Carolina Standard, August 5, 1863

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Public Meeting in Wake County At a meeting of the people of Little River District, Wake County, Held at Rosenburg on the 24th July, on motion of B.T. Strickland, Dr. G. M. Cooley was called to the chair, and Harrington Daniel was appointed…

William Woods Holden, 1818 -1892

W.W. Holden was an important figure for North Carolina in the Antebellum Period. Holden served as editor of the Standard, a North Carolina newspaper, which was used to express and build support for the Unionist. He was able to use his influence to…