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"Cadet Paul Faison to his father regarding resigning his commission at West Point," April 12 and 14, 1861

fasions letter.jpg

West Point N.Y. April 12, 1861
Dear Father Since,
I last wrote you [ev]ents have been daily occuring which leads to the conviction that there will be no compromise, and that the border states will be compelled to secede however unwilling they may…

"The Disunion Programme," Raleigh Weekly Standard, February 27, 1861

Disunion programme.jpg
In this article published by the Unionist Raleigh newspaper theWeekly Standard,the paper urges its readers to head to the polls to vote against the Secession Convention on February 28, 1861. The paper states clearly their position that they were for…

"If the Union has prevailed..." Raleigh Weekly Standard, March 6, 1861

If the Union has prevailed.jpg
In its March 6, 1861 edition the RaleighWeekly Standard,a Unionist Newspaper, reported on the Convention vote and its meaning in this article. The paper makes its views known that the Secessionist faction is a vocal minority in North Carolina, and…

"We must Fight!" Raleigh Weekly Standard, April 24, 1861

We must Fight.jpg
This article from the RaleighWeekly Standard reports Governor Ellis's refusal of Lincoln's request for troops and clarified its new position regarding secession. The paper recounts its efforts for peace but acknowledges that Lincoln's call for troops…

"The Disunion Faction," Salisbury Carolina Watchman, April 9, 1861.

The SalisburyCarolina Watchmanpublished this article which was highly critical of the Secessionist movement. In the piece, the paper chastised Governor Ellis and others for their actions. It described how the Secession faction wanted a Convention,…


"Presidential Election," Carolina Watchman, November 13, 1860

In its editorial on the 1860 Presidential election theCarolina Watchman,a Unionist newspaper from Salisbury, N.C. reports on the election of Abraham Lincoln as president. Although the paper is unhappy with the election of Lincoln and defeat of their…

North Carolina and the Coming of the Civil War, William C. Harris

William C. Harris’s book North Carolina and the Coming of Civil War was the most useful piece of research for my project. He captures all the major events that led up to the Civil War and all the factors that North Carolina delegates had to…

North Carolina Map 1860's

Outline of North Carolina map form the 1860's. shows the counties who were unionist, and those who were sectionalist.

North Carolina Secession Flag

nc secession flag.jpg
The secession flag that was flown in NC, when it announced leaving the Union on May 20, 1861.