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Bartholomew F. Moore, 1801-1878


Bartholomew F. Moore, 1801-1878


Bartholomew F. Moore was a lawyer and leader of the Unionist cause for North Carolina during the Civil War. Moore was one of many people that gave creditability to a pro-Union cause and was against the act of secession. Even with the abandonment of his loyal friends and colleagues, because of his outspokenness against the Confederacy before and during the war, he continued to remain loyal to the Union. Moore in a letter wrote, “I had been taught under the deep conviction of my judgment that there could be no reliable liberty of my State without the union of States, and being devoted to my State, I felt that I should desert her whenever I should aid to destroy the Union.” The importance of unity between the states meant everything to a man who had much respect and faith in the United States Constitution. While owning slaves himself, Moore strongly believed in the abolition of slavery in the South, but did not believe in giving suffrage to freedmen. His problem was that he believed that the former slaves would not be educated enough to vote, and that they would use it against white citizens. Before the war, Moore is also quoted in giving grave warnings to unneeded violence and bloodshed that would occur if southern states seceded. One of Moore’s beliefs was that if North Carolina would have not seceded from the Union then they could have been a vital state to cut off ties with Virginia from the other southern states. B.F. Moore was a loyal United States citizen and North Carolinian for his entire life; while he lived in North Carolina during the war he never once addressed loyalty to the Confederacy. He only wanted was best for the country and its people.


Thomas Adams


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Raleigh, North Carolina
Wake County, North Carolina


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