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1862: Similarities and Differences in the Register and Standard’s Coverage of the Civil War

By the beginning of 1862, the progression of the Civil War had slowed tremendously, and it became obvious that it was going to be no short affair. Recognizing this, newsprint media both maintained and increased support for the Confederacy. Two of the largest newspapers to do this were the Weekly Raleigh Register and the Raleigh Standard. By and large, an examination of these two papers during 1862 initially shows an overall support of the Confederate and North Carolinian governments, but ultimately two newspapers' political affiliations are revealed in their reactions to Confederate conscription laws. Beyond early 1862, the Standard’s and Register’s coverage of military service illustrate differences, some subtle, and thus create different perceptions of the war effort that have important, lasting impacts on the public of North Carolina. 


Joe Speranza