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The Significance of Stoneman’s Raid in Surry County - April 1-3, 1865

This exhibit focuses on the portion of the 1865 raid of General George Stoneman in Surry County, North Carolina, in order to address the significance of this portion of the raid within the context of North Carolina, as well as the American Civil War as a whole. In doing so, it explores primary and secondary resources, including the people involved, both military and civilian, and the events that took place as the Union troops progressed. Organized in a geographic manner, the exhibit uses the stories of locals, raiders, and historians to piece together a more comprehensive narrative of April 1-3, 1865 than has been previously available. Overall this exhibit testifies to the claim that Surry County is significant to the history of Stoneman’s raid based on the fact that it escaped major damage and devastation, unlike the other areas touched by the raid.


Jacob Simpson